Life at Valley

It’s NOT Greek to Them!

What do you get when you add an even number to another even number? How about an odd plus another odd number or an even number plus and odd number? This week our first graders traveled back in time to join Euclid's Secret Math Society and to test some of his mathematical theories.

Fifth Grade IslandWood Trip

Fifth graders returned from IslandWood (many students reluctantly), spilling over with information to share. They report the four-day trip was both educational and eye-opening. This annual trip for Valley School's graduating class is a capstone event, as they reflect on the transition to middle school.

Cama Beach

Valley School students and their families descended upon Cama Beach on Camano Island last weekend for the annual Valley School Family Camping Trip.

First Grade Wraps Up Their Unit on Snails

There was an abundance of learning during the first grade snail unit. After getting their own snail, children weighed and recorded their snail’s weight using a digital scale.

Valley Upper School Playground

While students and faculty were away enjoying Spring Break, Valley’s Upper School playground received a fabulous and fun upgrade. Two new play structures were added, as well as a new tetherball and foursquare court.

Valley School Art Show

The Third Annual Valley School Art Show, held at the MLK Community center on Friday April 1, was a great success! Each student had a piece that reflected the variety of art forms studied over the course of the school year.

Steel Pan

According to Michael Shantz, our steel pan music instructor, "Listening is learning!" This Spring, Valley School fourth and fifth grade students are doing a lot of listening, playing and learning as they participate in weekly steel pan music classes at the MLK Community Center.

Valley School Chess Club

On Saturday, March 19, nine members of The Valley School Chess Club participated in the Knightmare's Gauntlet Regional Chess Tournament at The Evergreen School. Over 200 children from the Seattle area, grades kindergarten through 6, participated in the tournament.

Colonial Boston Comes to Life in Fourth Grade

As part of 4th grade social studies, students are exploring what life was like in colonial Boston. This student-created mural takes us back in time as students visualize what a colonial village might have looked like back then.

The Valley School Book Award

Reading for our yearly Valley School Book Award is underway! While the fifth grade works on completing the list of nominees, the rest of the school is reading and discussing the six books that have been selected so far.
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