Fifth Grade IslandWood Trip

Students visited a greenhouse, the bog, a marsh, a pond, a treehouse, a cemetery, the team challenge course, and Blakely Harbor.  They looked through binoculars, learned about minimizing food waste, hiked, drew, searched for macro invertebrates, used composting toilets, consulted maps for direction, and walked across a suspension bridge. What a fantastic week of learning!

A few highlights from the week:
- Spotting slugs, a vole, salamanders, eagles, a kingfisher, and many other birds
- Climbing the 192 feet to the top of the canopy tower
- Cooking plants harvested from the garden with IW Chef Ben
- Playing “Eagle Eye”
- Drum making and storytelling with Chenoa Egawa and Alex
- Turtle Hunting for edible plants 
- "Absolute Zero!” food waste (including attempts by children to eat banana peels
- Team building challenges