The Valley School Home

Mission Statement

At The Valley School, we ignite children's natural passion for learning. Our students develop an academic foundation and become joyful learners through playful work, purposeful play, and the practice of community.

At a Glance

  • 1985 Year Valley School Was Founded
  • $24,450 Tuition (Financial Aid Available)
  • 20,000 Playground Square Footage
  • 16 Average Class Size

Life at Valley

The Terrific Colorific Experiment Featured Photo

The Terrific Colorific Experiment

Our science lab is bustling with the excitement of a new year! Students are exploring the lab and making it their own by adding to our list of field notes (animals and plants that Valley students observe in the wild) and putting questions on our “I wonder…” wall.
Curriculum Corner: BRAIN LAB Featured Photo

Curriculum Corner: BRAIN LAB

Valley School 4th Graders Dissect Sheep Brains Stinky. Awesome. Scientist. Wow. Fun. Maybe. Smelly. Slimy. Smooth. Weird. Surprising. These are some of the words our fourth graders used to describe their hands-on science lab this week after they dissected sheep brains in the lab with Katie-Rose and Erica.