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Curriculum Corner: BRAIN LAB

Valley School 4th Graders Dissect Sheep Brains
Stinky. Awesome. Scientist. Wow. Fun. Maybe. Smelly. Slimy. Smooth. Weird. Surprising.
These are some of the words our fourth graders used to describe their hands-on science lab this week after they dissected sheep brains in the lab with Katie-Rose and Erica.

The Valley School 3-2-1 FUND In Action!

The summer may be winding down, but the enthusiasm for the new school year is just pumping up! Thanks to the generosity of The Valley School community and your support of our 3-2-1 Fund, our faculty and staff participated in some amazing summer professional development that has everyone at Valley excited! As of the end of June 2018, this fund raised just over $60,000! Thank you! The largest portion of these funds went to support our Financial Aid budget and increased financial support to help more families afford the cost of tuition. 3-2-1 Funds also paid for professional development and classroom materials to enhance and deepen student learning.

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