The Valley Way

Thank you for your interest in The Valley School!

The Valley School is currently accepting applications at all grade levels for the 2024-2025 school year. 

At The Valley School, we ignite children's natural passion for learning. Our students develop an academic foundation and become joyful learners through playful work, purposeful play, and the practice of community.

Our philosophy, practice, and decision-making regarding admission to The Valley School are grounded in our values of Collaboration, Respect for individuality, Kindness, Creativity, Equity and Inclusion, and Childhood.

This Mission and these Values steer our admission goals and policies towards the creation of a vibrant, engaged, and diverse community of children and parents from the greater Seattle community. Our aim is both to enroll students and families whom we believe will thrive in our mission-driven school, as well as to create classroom communities that include a diversity of children, each with unique qualities and characteristics.

In order to provide this depth of perspectives and experiences, which we believe support our educational mission, we strive to create classrooms that are inclusive of students within a broad range of normal development, socio-economic levels, ethnic and cultural representation, race, family composition, and gender. We seek to ensure that each class includes families who value the variety of backgrounds and experiences represented in our community.

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