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Enrollment FAQ

Children most appropriate for our learning program will turn 4 years old by September 1 to apply for our Pre-K room, and 5 years old by September 1 to apply for our Kindergarten. Children with a birthday close to the date cutoff may be considered during the admission process. Contact Lora Kolmer ([email protected]) to explore this option.
We encourage families to begin the process one year prior to the year they would like to enroll (i.e. September 2023 for the September 2024-June 2025 school year). Most schools open applications in October. Until then, be sure to research websites and begin gathering a list of questions you would like to have answered by each school. Starting your research early will help simplify the application process for your family and make for a less stressful experience. The application deadline for most local independent schools is mid-January and admission decisions are released to applicant families in mid-March. 
When you initiate the online application process, you'll see a section to schedule a tour. That section contains a link to sign up for a campus tour. We look forward to meeting you and walking you through our unique campus which will allow you to get a sense of our school program as you learn, explore, and walk through our classrooms.
Each tour time slot will accommodate eight people. This tour is for adults only. 
Student visits take place in early March on the Valley School campus. Once your online application is complete and the application deadline has passed, you'll receive a link to sign up for the child visit.
At The Valley School, there isn't just one quality or character trait that we look for in our students and families. Instead, we look for families who will help us build and create an ideal learning environment for each class.
Valley students who excel in our academic program are curious and willing to make mistakes. They ask questions, and explore the world around them. They show kindness to their peers and teachers, and are ready to engage in purposeful play, playful work, and the practice of community.
Valley families acknowledge that each child learns and thrives in their own way, and will create their own path to success with support and encouragement from their school environment. They are supportive and understanding of risks and mistakes, and show kindness to all Valley community members.
Students placed on the waitlist are a good fit for the Valley program, but space is not available. After the family decision deadline at the end of March, we will reach out to families on our waitlist regarding any available spaces. Waitlist applicants are offered space based on classroom composition and do not have a specific place in the waitlist.