The Valley School




The Valley School is a child centered elementary school located in Madison Valley. We carefully attend to the development of each child and encourage his or her innate passion for learning through intellectual exploration, imaginative thinking and the practice of kindness. By understanding and respecting childhood, we help children grow into whole-hearted learners, practiced in thoughtful inquiry and critical thinking. We recognize play, imagination, and exploration are vital to children’s development. They spur original thinking and confidence, and lead to profound intellectual understanding. They help children shape strong social bonds and practice kindness, while at the same time allowing them to become independent and individual. 


Power of Early Childhood

• Valley School teachers are early childhood experts.  
• Our work is rooted in developmentally appropriate practices and guidelines. 
• Our program promotes healthy habits through a social and emotional curriculum, plenty of exercise, fine and gross motor skill development, time spent outdoors, and a low-stress environment.
• The pace of our school day is designed for optimal learning and fewer transitions.
• Stress inhibits learning. We expect best effort work in a relaxed setting. Homework is minimal.

Respect for Individuality

• Each student is at the center of his/her learning. Children learn and grow in unique ways. We recognize each student’s individual path and pace.
• We offer varied types of instruction and assessment to meet individual student needs.
• Our small school and class size allow us to know the whole child.
• Classroom assistants work with students during core subjects, enabling us to work with students in even smaller groups.
• Our focus is on students. We reserve time during weekly meetings to discuss how to best meet the needs of every child.

Creativity & Joy

• Our students engage in Purposeful Play and Playful Work every day.
• Our program includes an integrated, responsive curriculum with room for student inquiry, voices and interests.
• Learning is Doing. We use play and exploration as catalysts for learning.
• We call our playground “The Second Classroom” because so much learning happens there. Playground “provocations” offer opportunities for open-ended, student led play and the practice of imagination.

Kindness & Collaboration

• We ask, “Is it kind, necessary and true?”
• Teachers teach, model and assess social and emotional skills.
• Students participate in a School Buddy Program.
• We practice kindness with our Valley School pets.
• All grades engage in a variety of meaningful community service projects connected to our curriculum.
• Students collaborate in classrooms and on playgrounds all day.

Inclusiveness & Fairness

• Small School or Big Home? We are a close knit community.
• Student voices and interests have a place in our curriculum.
• We value the background of each child and family.
• “CAP,” Community Alliance of Parents, is open to everyone.
• Teachers build strong relationships with students.
• Small class sizes enable strong connections.
• All School Sing & Seasonal Celebrations bring us together.