The Valley School Book Award

This week we read two very different nominees! “Meet the Dullards” by Sarah Pennypacker, is a funny book about comically overprotective and dull parents trying to keep their children as boring as they can possibly be.  “Game Changer” by John Coy is the story of a secret basketball game in 1944 between the Duke University Medical School team and the Eagles of the North Carolina College of Negroes, and the future hall of fame coach, John McLendon.
 After reading a book, we discuss it and come up with vivid words to describe the book and its characters. For “Meet the Dullards” the words describing the book included ridiculous, hilarious and weird. Some of the words used to describe “Game Changer” and Coach McLendon were inspirational, brave, kind, good sportsmanship and visionary. The words will go up on posters in the school library, to help us share and reflect on what impressed us about the nominees when it is time to vote.