Life at Valley

Peer Portraiture

5th Grade artists got into pairs and they began their work by looking at the shape of their partner’s jaw, noticing that it was more of a U-shape or a V-shape. They then painted their facial features, noticing the distance and relationships between them. Lastly, they added hair texture and other characteristics unique to them, like freckles and clothing details.

Ancient Rome Storytelling

Illustrating and authoring comic strips about the myth of Romulus and Remus kept second graders engaged this week in the work of re-telling, organizing and synthesizing the ancient story.

Tree Fort Exploration

Students are exploring and investigating our plum trees on the upper school playground from a new vantage point this week. The new tree fort is creating a special place for student exploration, friendship fostering, and creative play.

Salmon Life Cycle

After raising salmon from eggs, alevin, fry to parr, 3rd through 5th grade walked to the arboretum and students carefully released the growing fish into their natural habitat for life in the Puget Sound.

Ice Castle Build

Students engaged in playful, imaginative work, science experimentation and community building by constructing colorful structures of ice for a St. Patrick's Day event.

Musical Harmony

Prek-5th grade students preformed a 7 part arrangement of the popular song "Happy" as arranged by our own music specialist, Sari Breznau, at this years graduation.
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