The Valley School

Third Grade




Independent Readers & Writers

Third graders engage in focused genre studies and build strong reading comprehension skills through the practice of asking questions, making connections, visualizing, summarizing, and finding the main idea in a passage. They keep track of reading habits and set goals. Students follow the Writer’s Process as they compose longer writing pieces.
Narrative: Letters, Small Moment Stories, Poetry
Expository: Informational Writing, Expert Essays
Persuasive: Book Reviews


Operations & Algebraic Thinking: Solve problems involving all operations; Explain patterns; Understand properties of X and /; Solve X and / problems; X and / within 100; Learn X facts
Number & Operations: Use place value and all operations to perform multidigit arithmetic, round numbers, add and subtract within 1000; Understand place value through million; Recognize fractions
Measurement & Data: Solve measurement and estimation problems; Present and interpret data; Geometric measurement: length, perimeter, area, volume and mass
Geometry: Explore 2D and 3D shapes through attributes; Divide shapes into fractions


Life Science: Urban Wildlife: Raccoons, Squirrels, Crows & More!
Earth Science: Astronomy: Our Solar System; Green Spaces in Seattle: A Study of Trees & Forests
Physical Science: States of Matter

Social Studies

My Family Culture
Seattle: Our International City
Mini Research Project
Neighborhood Maps, City Maps, World Maps