The Valley School

Kindergarten (must be 5-years old by August 31)




Emerging Readers & Writers

Kindergarteners continue to enjoy picture books and stories together and to build foundational reading habits. They move from sounds to symbols through a sequential introduction to phonemic awareness and visual awareness of letters. Many Kindergarteners read and write their first words and phrases.


Counting & Cardinality: Know and build numbers 0–20; Count to 100; Count by 2s, 5s, 10s; Compare numbers between 1–10 (odd, even, greater than, less than)
Operations & Algebraic Thinking: Focus on meaning of + and –; Add and subtract within 10; Recognize and create patterns
Number & Operations in Base Ten: Intro to place value (ones, tens, hundreds)
Measurement & Data: Describe and compare objects: measure, classify, count and sort
Geometry: Identify and describe 2D shapes; Analyze, compare and compose shapes


Life Science: Penguins Earth Science: Arctic Geography & Adaptation
Physical Science: Exploring states of matter through mixtures & chemical changes

Social Studies

Holiday Celebrations
Maps & Trails
Life in the Arctic: Inuit & Icebergs