The Valley School

Fourth Grade




Extending Readers & Writers

Read, Think, Write! In fourth grade there is an increased focus on reading non-fiction text, responding to text and reading to learn. Students apply Writer’s Process & 6 Traits of Writing to many different compositions and use technology to collect, interpret and share new information.
Narrative: Autobiographies, Journals, Responding to Prompt, Poetry, Taking a Perspective
Expository: Newspaper, Historical Texts, Informational Texts, Expository Paragraphs, Book Summaries
Persuasive: Letters, Book Reviews


Operations & Algebraic Thinking: Write and interpret numerical expressions using order of operations; Analyze and extend patterns
Number & Operations: Understand place value system and know how to X or / by ten to “move decimal point”; Perform operations with multi-digit numbers and decimals through the thousandths; Find equivalent fractions; Add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions
Measurement & Data: Convert measurement units within measurement system; Represent and interpret data using graphs and line plots; Understand concepts of volume and relate volume to multiplication and addition
Geometry: Graph points on a coordinate plane to solve problems; Classify 2D figures in a hierarchy based on properties


Life Science: How Brains Work Earth
Science: Puget Sound Ecology & Geology
Physical Science: Energy (Wind, Solar, Hydro & Human)

Social Studies

Washington State History People & Places: Then & Today (Native Peoples; Lewis & Clark; Today’s Big Thinkers)
Global Issues Through Children’s Eyes: Children’s Bill of Human Rights (UNCRC)
Mapping & Research Skills