Fourth Grade





Read, Think, Write! In fourth grade there is an increased focus, through Reader’s Workshop units on reading non-fiction text, responding to text and reading to learn. Students participate in Writer’s Workshop and take a variety of compositions through the writing process. They use technology to collect, interpret and share new information. Units of Reading include: Interpreting Characters: The Heart of the Story; Reading Weather, Reading the World; and Reading History.

Narrative: Autobiographies, Journals, Responding to Prompt, Poetry, Taking a Perspective

Expository: Newspaper, Historical Texts, Informational Texts, Expository Paragraphs, Book Summaries

Persuasive: Letters, Book Reviews



In Fourth Grade, math learning is focused on three important areas: (1) developing fluency with multi digit multiplication, and dividing to find quotients involving multi digit dividends; (2) developing an understanding of fraction equivalence, addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators, and multiplication of fractions by whole numbers; and (3) analyzing and classifying geometric figures based on their properties.



Life Science: Salmon in the Classroom (year-long study), Neuroscience: How Brains Work

Earth Science: Citizen Science! Washington State Ecology & Geology

Physical Science: Energy (wind, solar, hydro & human)

Sustainability & Stewardship: Energy Tracking, “Waste Warriors”, Salmon Stewards


Social Studies

My Brain: How I Feel, Think, Learn and Play

Global Issues Through Children’s Eyes: Children’s Bill of Human

Rights (UNCRC)

Washington State History People & Places: Then & Today

(Native Peoples; Lewis & Clark; Today’s Big Thinkers)

Mapping & Research Skills