The Valley School

First Grade




Beginning Readers & Writers

First grade readers focus on fluency and decoding strategies. They are phonics experts and typically progress from reading short, predictable texts to beginning chapter books. They practice responding to literature through questions, connections, predictions and sequencing and summarizing ideas. First graders express ideas in complete sentences with details, capitalization and punctuation. Students move from “Best Guess Spelling” to learning high frequency words and spelling patterns.


Operations & Algebraic Thinking: Write and solve + and – word problems and equations; Add/subtract within 20 using mental strategies; Learn basic + and – facts; Make equal groups
Number & Operations: Understand numbers and place value; Focus on ones, tens and hundreds; Regrouping; Compare numbers; Add and subtract within 100
Measurement & Data: Estimate, measure and compare lengths in inches and centimeters
Intro to Time & Money: Represent and interpret data using charts and graphs
Geometry: Reason with 2D shapes and their attributes; Divide shapes into equal parts


Life Science: Apples, Bats, Snails
Earth Science: Pangea & Volcanoes: How Earth Changes
Physical Science: Water Study—Sink or Float

Social Studies

Washington State Apples
Holiday Celebrations around the Globe
Titanic: Legends and Facts
Ancient Greece
Map Flip Charts: Understanding cities, states, countries and continents