The Valley School

Fifth Grade



Extending Readers & Writers

Fifth graders demonstrate a wide range of reading comprehension skills and use text to support their thinking. They analyze and compare styles of writing and incorporate literary components into their own writing. They follow the entire Writing Process and apply the 6 Traits of Writing to many different compositions. They practice research skills and application of technology to collect, interpret and share new information.
Narrative: Realistic Fiction, Legends, Poetry, Journals
Expository: Current Events, Historical Texts, Informational Texts, 5-Paragraph Essay, Reports
Persuasive: Essays, Letters, Reviews


Operations & Algebraic Thinking: Use all operations to solve problems; Factors & multiples; Analyze patterns
Number & Operations: Place value through millions in whole numbers; Fraction equivalence and ordering; Decimal notation for fractions and decimals; Compare and order fractions and decimals
Measurement & Data: Solve measurement problems involving conversion from a smaller unit to a larger unit; Represent and interpret data using variety of graphs; Measure angles, perimeter, area
Geometry: Draw and measure lines, angles and shapes; Classify shapes by properties of lines and angles


Life Science: Study of Cells
Physical Science: Electricity & American Inventions
Earth Science: Conservation: Week at IslandWood

Social Studies

U.S. Leaders Then & Now: Colonial Life, Early Government & Elections Today
Take a Stand! Research and Advocacy
Mapping & Research Skills
Current Events