Our Mission, Values and Philosophy

Our Mission

At The Valley School, we ignite children's natural passion for learning. Our students develop an academic foundation and become joyful learners through playful work, purposeful play, and the practice of community.

Our Values

The Valley School community—parents, children, faculty and administration—puts the positive educational experience of children at the center of everything it does, guided by the following values:
  • Collaboration
  • Respect for individuality
  • Kindness
  • Creativity
  • Equity and Belonging
  • Childhood
Our Philosophy
Our educational philosophy shapes every aspect of school life. From recess activities to thematic units, the principles behind our approach are apparent every day.
  • Emotional and social intelligence go hand-in-hand with academic studies because children learn best when they are happy and secure
  • Play, imagination and exploration are vital to a child’s development
  • Children should be taught as individuals, in ways that best suit the child's stage of development and learning style
  • Open-ended materials and inquiry in the classroom foster lifelong curiosity, creativity and growth
  • A love of learning is developed through experience, inquiry and imagination and results in independent and reflective thinkers
  • A complete education cultivates depth of character including empathy, moral courage, sense of responsibility, and commitment to justice
  • Effective teachers create an environment where learning is joyful and exciting, children are met with appropriate challenges and independence and group cooperation are both highly valued