Giving at The Valley School

Annual Fund Art


There are many different avenues of giving at The Valley School. Along with tuition, Valley relies on donations from our community to help us build and grow our educational program. 


THE 3-2-1 FUND 

This annual giving campaign supports the operating budget of the school and directly impacts our ability to create and support a diverse learning program for all of our students. 


Valley strives to raise $125,000 and 100% participation from our current families to benefit three key initiatives that are vital to student success. Through your giving, we will support important programs that create a well-rounded and inclusive environment for the Valley community.


3: Financial Aid. Valley has committed over $450,000 to provide equitable opportunities for families of different means to access a Valley School education and support their school experience for their entire time at our school. We strive to continue this level of support on an annual basis for both our current, and new families.


2: Student Resources. Environmental and social justice initiatives in our world today, have created new challenges and opportunities for all schools. Valley must aim to meet the needs of our rapidly changing community and provide a high level of commitment to our students and families through new programs, resources and support. 


1: Teacher Resources & Professional Development. We recognize that Valley faculty will feel more successful when they are supported in their professional development. Providing thoughtful and thought provoking opportunities for our faculty and staff, keeps them engaged, challenged, and motivated in the education field and in our community.


The Valley School Annual Spring Event

Every spring, The Valley School community gathers to celebrate the school year and raise funds for a specific item or need in our community or program. This event allows us the flexibility to fundraise for new and unique ideas that expand our program and create opportunities for purposeful work and playful learning. It also allows us to pivot when necessary to raise funds to support our community, as we did during the pandemic. Below are graphics to our past three spring events. While each event has had a different fundraising objective, thanks to our many supportive donors, we have always been able to achieve our goal and implement our vision.

Spring Event 2022

The It's Playtime event had a goal to revitalize our Upper School playground and build a sport court on a portion of the grounds. Valley raised over $70k to implement this project and work is set to take place during the 2022-2023 school year.


Spring Event 2021

The Valley Vision event had a goal to build a two-story outdoor classroom (as seen here) on a portion of the lower school playground. Over $100k was raised for this work which will take place during the fall of 2022. 


Spring Event 2020

The Caring for our Community event had a goal to double our financial aid support to keep families hit hard by the pandemic at Valley. Over $100k was raised for this work which allowed several Valley families to remain at school. 



We look forward to what the future holds for Valley! We hope you'll choose to participate and be involved in our community giving. If you have any questions at all, or would like to join the Philanthropy Committee, please contact Director of Admissions and Community Relations, Lora Kolmer at [email protected]