3-2-1 Fund!

Please support The Valley School 3-2-1 Fund!

At the heart of our 3-2-1 Fund! are Valley’s aspirations for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access for all our current and future students. Through initiatives including financial aid and expanded student and teacher resources, this annual fund will empower the school to implement aspects of our strategic plan.

The Valley community came together last year to surpass our fundraising goal. While our participation rates were small, your amazing support allowed us to grant ​financial aid to students and their families who wanted to be members of the Valley School community. We are thrilled to have them with us this school year! Funds also went to support curriculum enhancements and purchase supplies that help our teachers build a program where every student can find their voice and participate.

Please help us do this important work again. Your continued donations are vital to the success of our program. Here are some ways the 3-2-1 Fund! will support learning at Valley this year:

  • Not everybody looks alike. Not everyone learns alike. The more different we are, the more we learn from each other. 3-2-1 Funds not only allow families to afford an independent school education, they also help us provide a critical support structure for families in our community.
  • Curriculum planning should be vibrant work with community collaborators. Funding allows us to have consultants work with teachers on ideas and programming that benefit our students.
  • Moving beyond the classroom. We love the Valley School campus, but having more opportunities to go outside our campus and have experiences that enhance our classroom learning is important. Having funds that allow classes to do that makes all the difference. 

We realize that families will continue to have questions about the annual fund and by clicking here, you can hopefully find some answers. You may also get in touch with any member of the Philanthropy Committee if you want to know more, or just talk about the annual fund. The FAQ page has names of committee members.

We look forward to what the future holds for the Valley community. We hope you'll choose to participate and be involved in our community giving and outreach. If you have any questions at all, or would like to join the Philanthropy Committee, please contact Director of Admissions and Community Relations, Lora Kolmer at

Thank you in advance for supporting the 3-2-1 Fund!


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