Valley School Families

The Valley School encourages parents/guardians to participate in the life of the school in a variety of ways. They may choose to assist on field trips, during special events, and occasionally in the classroom. We welcome their contributions in areas where they feel they have a particular interest or expertise. Most importantly, we need parents to work together with the staff to ensure the happiness and progress of their child.

Families at Valley - F@V

Cultivating pride, communication, and connection within the Valley School community.

Families@Valley is a volunteer-run collective driving a spirit of involvement and inclusion to nurture Valley’s unique community. An organization for and of anyone helping raise a child at Valley, F@V is a critical communication link between Valley families, Admin, Faculty, and Staff in support of school events, activities, education, and more.

Our mantra/shorthand for F@V is “nurturer of the community, organizer of support, keeper of traditions".


Why does F@V exist?

Because children thrive when they receive an excellent education supported by a tightly woven and unified community.


What does F@V offer?

  • Community Building: Weaving a strong network for the school: Social and educational events, parent education programming, online forum, new family welcoming, etc.
  • Volunteer Coordination: Increasing capacity of Valley by accessing resources within the community
  • Support for Educators, Admin, Class Reps, Staff, and Families
  • Communication: Facilitating a transparent system of communication whereby parents, teachers, admin, and the board can remain informed and involved
Have questions? Email us at [email protected]

Parent Education at Valley

Valley School's Families at Valley (F@V) hosts a committee of parent volunteers who, in partnership with the school administration, shepherd our Parent Education Program. The mission of the Parent Education Committee is to ensure Valley School families have access to educational opportunities and resources that enhance their experience both as parents and as members of our school community. Click here to learn more about Parent Ed at Valley.