Curriculum Corner

What are your hopes and dreams for the year ahead? This September, students at The Valley School spent time reflecting on this question. Teachers then used these ideas to create a framework for a positive year of learning and growth. One student wrote, “I want to be more organized” and another shared, “I want to get better at math.” A fifth grader said, “I want to take more risks in everything!” Hopes & Dreams of our Valley student's inform each classroom list of Rules and/or Agreements. Examples include ideas like, “Take care of ourselves, each other and our classroom” or “Respect each other and our classroom, keep our bodies safe, and have a growth mindset.” Students bring laminated sets of their own Classroom Rules when they travel to another classroom for lessons, such as Spanish, Art, Library or Music. Next week, during Curriculum Night, look for your student’s Hopes and Dreams in their classroom. For even more examples of student Hopes & Dreams for 2018-2019, take a peek at the bulletin board in the Main Office. This work is part of our ongoing, school-wide Social & Emotional Learning program.

Next Steps: We have created a small group of dedicated student representatives from each classroom to work together to come up with a few All School Rules. These enthusiastic delegates are working with Brittany, Elyssa, and Gillian to generate and then share our set of Valley All School Rules with our entire community. Look for a short student presentation soon at an All School Sing about these school-wide agreements. We are proud of all of our students for their commitment to doing their part to make Valley safe, inclusive, and conducive for learning for everyone. Thank you Matteo, Beatrix, Axel, Mason, Chase, Maisy, Alexander, Jay, Parker B. and Jaylah.

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