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Wrapping Up the 3-2-1 Fund!

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported our fundraising efforts at The Valley School this year.  For many of our families, giving beyond the cost of tuition is a stretch, and we sincerely appreciate your support of the 3-2-1 Fund! to support diversity, equity and access initiatives at Valley. We also want to thank everyone who gave at the Auction and supported the Fund-A-Need, which will help to expand our music program in many ways that will be apparent when you return to school this fall. Thank you!

We achieved 100% Board participation and 42% parent participation in the 3-2-1 Fund! If we add in giving at the Auction, we reached 70% parent participation. While those numbers are good, our goal is to reach 100% parent participation. You will be hearing more from us and the Valley Philanthropy Committee this fall. We know that when you see and hear all the great initiatives we were able to implement with the 3-2-1 Fund!, everyone will be ready to give.

The 3-2-1 Fund! raised just under $50,000 and will be allocated in many different areas for the 2018-2019 school year. Half will be given to financial aid so that we can fund students and families who hope to attend Valley but would otherwise be unable to pay full tuition. The other half will be used to fund several curricular and professional development initiatives that will benefit all Valley students and families. 

These initiatives include:

  • Providing curriculum development grants that will allow teachers to work this summer with Gillian Toledo, our Director of Teaching and Learning, on lessons and units that will increase our focus on ethnicity and inclusion in the classroom
  • In-service training for faculty this fall on cultural competency initiatives that will benefit our community
  • Purchasing multicultural materials to boost classroom curricula 
  • Supporting our second Family of Color dinner this fall
  • Coaching and mentoring for teachers by a consultant in the areas of race, ethnicity, and identity in the classroom and curriculum
  • Funding parent education events on cultural competency at Valley

 If you didn't get a chance to support the 3-2-1 Fund! this year, it isn't too late! You can still donate by sending in a check or by clicking here to donate online. The 3-2-1 Fund! will begin again in September 2018 with the same intent to raise funding for diversity, equity, and access initiatives at Valley and to achieve 100% parent participation. 

 Thank you for believing in the Valley School Mission and supporting this very important work!

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