As a surprise for the community, our very own Maintenance Mike and first grader Iris Freeman performed the pas de deux (the French term for a dance duet) from the Nutcracker Suite. Iris loves ballet and has been going to the Nutcracker since she was very little. One day in Aftercare, Mike observed Iris’s love for dancing and prompted her to consider performing at an All-School Sing. Iris, who had never performed at one before, was reluctant to the idea at first, but excitedly agreed when Mike suggested they perform together. The rest is history!

Iris created a rehearsal schedule for both of them and they got right to work. They practiced at lunch, recess and after school. Iris’s Mom, Susannah, made a costume for Mike. With the help of many, they put together a set with a backdrop, snowflakes, and lights. When the performance day came, Iris was a bit nervous, but she was also happy and excited! 

So what was the best part of performing at All-School Sing for Iris? “Working with Mike! I liked when he lifted me up! It was a lot of fun!” The entire community can agree with that statement. To see a video of the performance, click here

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