Passion for Pups

What inspired you to take on this project? 

Stella: "We all LOVE dogs! Also, last year my sister went on a field trip and learned about how the Humane Society helps dogs and we wanted to help them too." 


Brittany (2nd grade teacher): "My students have been interested in helping dogs all year. They formed their own dog-lovers club, Licks & Cuddles, and then came up with the idea to raise money for dogs in need. They made a small store in our classroom called "Trinkets & Treats" where they sold small items and raised almost $200. The all-school bake sale idea came next." 


What did you learn doing this?

Kate: "Every cent helps. Yesterday we raised $517.00 to help dogs!" 

Pepper: "We are proud of ourselves."

Moira: "We didn't give up on our idea."


If you were in charge of the Humane Society, how would you use this money? 

Julian & Kate: "I'd want to make sure the animals have enough space. Some of their pens look really small and cramped."

Pepper: "I'd want to make sure the dogs are getting enough exercise."

Stella: "I'd give them lots of playtime and maybe a special dog park."

Moira: "I'd make sure they have enough food in their bowls."

Students also mentioned making sure dogs have good veterinary care and nice bedding.


What do you want to tell the Valley School community? 

All Students: "Thanks for coming to our bake sale and for making donations." 

Stella: "Dogs are really important. We are never going to stop helping them."


At the end of this interview, our Head of School, Alan Braun, walked by and congratulated this dedicated group of students for their hard work and their commitment to helping Seattle dogs. He also said students are welcome to have more bake sales, "As long as you sell those homemade donuts again!”  


Special thanks to the second grade parents who supported this student-led project through trips to the humane society, delicious baked goods, and volunteered time.