Growing into our Potential

Why now?

Over the years, the Valley campus has developed organically, with a focus on child-centered spaces and outdoor exploration. However, the board determined that a more structured plan was needed to ensure Valley could best nourish future generations of Valley alumni. A building committee was established in 2013, charged with reviewing the facilities and developing recommendations for a ten-year plan that would address the following needs:
  • A larger, dedicated fifth-grade classroom, currently housed in the Big Room
  • Sound dampening to enhance learning in the classrooms below
  • Additional office space Correction of code issues in the administration building
  • Much-needed maintenance in the yellow building
What’s changing?

The Valley School is undertaking a building project and a capital campaign to support a series of exciting campus improvements. Changes will include adding a new structure that adds three classrooms and integrates the outdoors, remodeling the third-grade building for use as an administrative hub, and creating a new library learning center.

Enhanced Educational Spaces

A symbol of children's innate passion for learning, the flagship of the campus building program is a new three-classroom building erected on the site of the old administration building. Spacious classrooms with natural daylight offer state-of-the-art learning with ample room for students to collaborate. Modern in terms of lighting and energy efficiency yet in keeping with the look and feel of the historic campus, the fluidity of the structure allows for cross-learning between classrooms and direct access to dedicated outdoor learning spaces.

Library Learning Center

With the relocation of the classrooms, the soaring ceilings and light-kissed wood of the “Big Room” are now dedicated to campus enrichment activities. The lower level becomes a superior library with space to house the full collection of Valley books, many of which have long been kept in storage due to lack of space. More tables accommodate group work and new research computers while cozy reading nooks offer refuge. Tutoring rooms adjacent to the library allow for individual and group lessons with more privacy. The aftercare program can fully utilize the grand space for boisterous games and plays yet provide quieter spaces too. The “reclaimed” Big Room is used for large gatherings, rainy day activities, large art projects, and more.

Administrative and Faculty Hub

Where the third grade and the library once stood apart from the other classrooms, the remodeled Yellow Building is a vibrant and functional hub. Visitors to Valley enter through a new gated secure entrance into a spacious reception and waiting area. The relocated staircase improves functionality and a safe ascent to the second-story administrative offices. Expansive conference room space, a copy room, and better kitchen, laundry, and bath facilities help support the school and the faculty.

A More Cohesive Campus

The reconfigured and updated campus plan better ties together the buildings and functions of the school and leverages the existing charm. The master plan unifies the look and feel of the campus buildings and provides collaborative spaces, integrating the outdoor learning areas with the new classrooms. Visitors to Valley enter through a new “front door” that welcomes them to the community, while the enhanced campus delights students and teachers alike, providing a draw for new students in a competitive climate and providing an educational home where students thrive.

The school staff, the board of trustees, the building committee members, and a number of specialists have worked hard to bring this plan to you and to the Valley community. We believe this expansion and renovation is thoughtful, achievable, and will bring the school and students, past and present, together in a new way. For more information or to get involved with the capital campaign, visit the building project page of our website.

Posted: 4/7/2015
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