100 DAYS OF SCHOOL (and growth!)

We invited our students to reflect on these 100 days of school. Here are some of their thoughts:

“I’ve been writing a World War 2 book. As good as possible so that I can make a sequel.” - Carter, 5th grade

“I loved the book The Last Cuentista. It made me think about what things will be like [in the future].” - Penelope, 5th grade

“I liked the art on our field trip to the University of Washington. It was really cool. We also walked all the way back to school and the food we had was so good!” - Marissa, 4th grade 

“I like math and I have favorite numbers. So my favorite is multiplying 53 and 6 because that’s all my favorite numbers.” - Ahsoka, 3rd grade

“I made a diorama, and I figured out how to make the whole mountain!” - Eliot, 2nd grade 

“I learned how to write stories. I like funny ones!” - Mary, 1st grade

We can see many positive outcomes from our commitment to playful learning and purposeful play. Their academic foundations are strengthened, and they learn to problem-solve independently. Importantly, our students understand that they are always growing, just as we are. They learn to appreciate that growth is good and worthwhile, even if we can’t always get the outcome we desire right away. 

Several of our students have been dedicating their recess time to becoming expert stilt-walkers. One Pre-K student observed several older students walking around on stilts with ease while she struggled. Frustrated, she said “I wish I could do that!” A Kindergarten friend offered some reassurance, "You’re still learning so that’s okay. We just have to practice more. I know you can do it!” She returned to those stilts again and again, each time with a smile on her face, often with the continued support from friends.

One hundred days from now, many of these students will have mastered stilts and moved on, but that student-lead lesson in giving oneself room to grow, will serve them all far into the future.