Curriculum Corner - Science Lab

We started our wonder wall because we realized that there are so many great questions that we don’t always have time to explore in the moment. When this happens, students write their questions on the wonder wall so we can keep thinking about them. Some of these questions can be answered easily, while some could take more time and might even lead to more questions.

I invite you to talk about these questions with your children and see where their conversations lead. You might get answers, more questions, or even some experiments. Students are always welcome (but not required) to share any insights gained with their science class back at school.

Wonder Wall Questions:

  • Why can’t you use something other than your finger on a touch screen ?
  • Would giraffes help less fortunate giraffes? (Asked in context of adaptations and natural selection).
  • Are there animals we don’t know about?
  • Why was the country Rhodesia named similarly to the dog Rhodesian Ridgeback?
  • Can homo sapiens make other sounds than the sounds in the alphabet?
  • Who created the (English) alphabet?
  • Is magic real?
  • How much time does it take for the sun light to reach the Earth?
  • Can a heavier person or a lighter person swing higher on a swing?
  • How old is our quince tree?
  • When do snakes shed their skin and why?
  • Can four legged animals walk on two legs (without help)?
  • Is silly putty a liquid or a solid?
  • Do cats always land on their feet? If yes, how?
  • Do cow farts really pollute?
  • Why do some birds migrate?
  • Do butterflies migrate?