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Hello Valley Community!

Not long ago, Valley had an annual fund campaign that helped fill possible tuition gaps and allowed for various programmatic costs to be covered that might extend beyond the yearly operating budget. We are now bringing back this annual fund campaign and hope you will choose to participate so we can continue to build, sustain and expand our educational experience for Valley kids.

On behalf of the newly-formed Valley Philanthropy Committee, which works on fundraising initiatives as well as outreach opportunities in our community, we’d like to introduce you to the 3-2-1 Fund!, the 2017-2018 annual fund campaign.

At the heart of our 3-2-1 Fund! are Valley’s aspirations for Diversity, Inclusion, and Access for all our current and future students. Through initiatives including financial aid and expanded student and teacher resources, this annual fund will empower the school to implement aspects of our strategic plan.

​The Philanthropy Committee is working hard to find the best ways to message and manage the introduction of our 3-2-1 Fund! with our other fundraising initiatives such as the Fall FUNdraiser. We realize that there will be a lot of questions and have therefore created an FAQ page which you can access by clicking here. You may also get in touch with any member of the Philanthropy Committee if you want to know more about the annual fund. Reference our FAQ page for names of committee members.

We truly hope we can all come together in bringing back this important campaign to the Valley community. The 3-2-1 Fund! officially kicks off on September 6 and will be followed by a Community Building Event on September 17 at a Snohomish farm. We hope you'll choose to participate and be involved in our community giving and outreach.


If you have any questions at all about the work this committee is responsible for, or you would like to join our committee, please contact Director of Admissions and Community Relations, Lora Kolmer at


Lora Kolmer
Director of Admissions and Community Relations
The Valley School