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Celebrating 30 Years in Style

Celebrating 30 Years in Style On Saturday, October 3, a warm and wondrous fall day in Seattle, Valley School celebrated its 30th anniversary! The campus buildings were open, including the new upper school classrooms for third through fifth grade, the remodeled administration building, and the new library resource center in the lower level of the Big Room building. There was live music provided by Bakra Bata Steel Band (alumni parents Michael Schantz and Ceda Clemmons), and speeches by Alan Braun, Head of School, Pat Overy, Founder, and Victoria Mabus, President of the Board. And of course, there was birthday cake! Current families, alumni parents and alumni students as well as current and former faculty were in attendance.
Curriculum & Coffee Anyone?

Curriculum & Coffee Anyone?  Gillian Toledo, our new Curriculum Coordinator, thinks she has the best job in the whole school. She is working with teachers, students and parents to help document, communicate and refine the teaching and learning at our school. This year, with the help of our wonderful Valley teachers, she will create a comprehensive curriculum map to document key ideas, skills, content and assessment types for all grades. These curriculum maps will help us communicate some of the amazing things we do so well at Valley and to learn more about opportunities for enhanced alignment and improvement in the future. Be sure to introduce yourself if you see Gillian anywhere on campus. Rumor has it she loves to talk about learning over steaming hot cups of coffee.
The Most Smiley Sound

The Most Smiley Sound Ask a first grade Valley student to show you her “most smiley sound” and you should hear the long e sound, loud and clear. You will also see a wide, bright smile spread across her face. Our youngest writers are learning how to make certain sounds with their mouths and then connecting the sound to its corresponding symbol. The Wired for Reading program is part of the foundation of our literacy learning at Valley School. This program helps our youngest writers become more independent, confident writers and readers as they learn to recognize each sound and its corresponding letter. So, if you ask Erica, our first grade teacher, how to spell a word like “see” with a long e in it, don’t be surprised if she simply flashes a huge grin your way.
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We are a pre-kindergarten through 5th grade, independent school located in Seattle's Madison Valley. We carefully attend to the individual development of each child and encourage their innate passion for learning through intellectual exploration, imaginative thinking and the practice of kindness.

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