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2013-2014 Calendar

June 6       5th GRADE GRADUATION,
                 Last Day of School & 
                 ALL SCHOOL PICNIC!










Our Mission

The Valley School creates educational experiences that encourage children's innate passion for learning through abundant opportunities for intellectual exploration, imaginative thinking and the practice of kindness.

Our School

The Valley School, a non-profit educational institution, was founded in 1985 by Patricia Overy and is approved by the State of Washington. Within 10 years the school expanded from a one-room preschool of 18 children to a complete elementary school of 100 children. The campus, located in an old Madison Valley orchard, has experienced an equally impressive growth and now occupies eight city lots with enlarged classrooms, library, art room, meeting hall, and administrative building and features an outstanding outdoor playspace. During times of construction and land acquisition, care has always been taken to preserve and enhance the outdoor play spaces for the children. The growth of the campus has not significantly changed the population the school serves or its mission. Enrollment remains at approximately 100 children from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, a size that supports its child-centered learning environment. The easy interaction between grades and careful communication between teachers and administrators are essential to the school's practices and principles. In 2004, the school founder, Patricia Overy retired as the Head of School. She continues to believe in the work of the Valley School.

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