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Wheels and Axles

Wheels and Axles Third graders experimented with wheels and axles last week. They looked at working examples such as bikes, carts, doorknobs and roller skates. In their Greek and Latin Roots class with Jacob they read about the history of the Latin root ‘Rota’. They have continued to design some of their own fantastic vehicles including refreshment carts for the Seahawks Stadium, an animal cart to take stray animals to the vet, and a Microsoft delivery van. They sketched designs and started constructing them out of milk cartons.
Fairy Tale Times

Fairy Tale Times The 5th grade publication of the Fairy Tale Times is hot off the press! Students explored journalism techniques, refined their peer revision skills, and practiced writing for a broad audience as they re-interpreted classic fairy tales. They imagined classic characters reacting to real-life situations through writing, advertising, comic strips, crossword puzzles and more in this culminating project.
Math At Our Fingertips

Math At Our Fingertips Mathematical learning is literally at the fingertips of our Valley students. We explore and work using manipulatives and consistently stress process instead of product only. Having partner and class discussions and using real life situations, hands-on activities bridge the connection between the abstract and symbolic language of mathematics.
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We are a pre-kindergarten through 5th grade, independent school located in Seattle's Madison Valley. We carefully attend to the individual development of each child and encourage their innate passion for learning through intellectual exploration, imaginative thinking and the practice of kindness.

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